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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 2 reviews
        John T.
        Great Addition to the GNX-THQ Module

        WWII Throttle grip completes my THQ module now as a throttle quadrant. Don't know how I did so long without it plus extra buttons is a great bonus. Although works comfortably as a throttle grip with modern planes in MSFS 2020 as well, but would be neat if VKB could produce something similar but with a modern grip design for jet planes. eg Boeing.

        Thanks very much, John, for the positive comments.

        The WWII Throttle Grip for the THQ is the latest addition to the VKB product range and it's already proven to be very popular.
        Happy flying!

        Regards, VKB Support team

        George Niagos
        WW11 Throttle Grip

        What can I say.Once again I am very happy with the VKB products.
        The quality and thought that goes into these products is incredible.
        Purchased the WW11 Throttle grip and my expierience with this product made my WW11 flight sims more realistic.
        Setting up with the VKB conf. software was a breeze.
        With the KG12 joystick and the WW11 throttle Grip you cant go wrong.
        Recommend to anyone

        Thank you very much for the positive review, George.

        Yes, we are finding that simmers are very happy with the WWII Throttle Combo in combination with the Gladiator EVO WWII Edition.
        It's a great setup for a reasonable price.

        Regards, VKB Support team