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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 3 reviews
        Fantastic Product and Better Service

        The product is exactly as pictured and really does feel top quality. I love being able to feel a 'click' when I trim with this stick, on my old stick trimming could be inconsistent. Great to have a self-centering DLC wheel axis too, landing the 'Cat is challenging enough on its own! As great as the product is, the service was the best part - after *my* screw up delayed things, the office staff (Luke, if we're allowed to name names) made special arrangements for me and stayed in contact the whole time, best customer service I've received in a long time!

        Hi JM,

        Thank you very much for the great product review and we are really glad you like the Gunfighter F-14.
        Anyone who is into jet fighters will find it difficult to go past this premium controller.

        Cheers, VKB Support team

        Christopher Wooler
        An impressive upgrade

        So far I have loved the gunfighter MK III and the F-14 Grip a very nice upgrade from my T16000M, I got the stick since I main the F-14 in DCS 90% of my time in DCS is in the turkey. the only I issues I have is the weapon selector detent on the SW position but this is a function I don't see my self using that often the bigger concern is the lack of a angle offset as this makes the center mounted position I use a bit uncomfortable. Is there a upgrade in the works to add a angle offset?

        Thank you very much, Christopher, for the positive review and your feedback.
        We will pass this on to VKB HQ.
        As far as we are ware there is no such development in progress at the moment.

        VKB Australia team

        Benjamin Anthonisz
        A pretty impressive and Imersive upgrade.

        So far ive absolutely loved the F-14 gunfighter MK III. I really appreciate that the twist stick comes by default, makes me happy. Since the F-14 is my main aircraft in DCS (taking up 95+% of my flight time) having literally the perfect stick for the F-14 is something I really appreciate. If I had to name One issue it would be the lack of weapon selector detent on the SW position. This isnt something i think Id be using anyway but for what is the best repersentation of the F-14 stick o the market i would expect this to be modeled. It would be cool if there was an upgrade kit to add this but i can see that it might be hard to produce one tha is easy for the consumer to use.

        Hi Anthonisz,

        We really appreciate your review of our products.
        I will pass on your suggestion to the VKB Engineers.

        Regards, VKB Australia team