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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 30 reviews
        Gunfighter MCGU

        Great flightstick, I have used for 6 weeks. The ability to swap out the 2 analog hats with 4 way hats adds a lot of flexibility to your flying. The damping from the clutches improves the feel as well. I highly recommend.

        Anton Boski
        Moving from a Warthog Hotas

        As someone who wanted to upgrade from a warthog Hotas, I was very impressed with the MCU, in particular it's lighter design, with interchangeable hats. The gunfighter base is a vast improvement over the striction prone plastic Warthog base. Once you have set them up the way you like them you become an expert on how to change them up from then on. I would also stress to join the VKB discord, because of the expert advise you get on using the sticks, and software. I am a NOOB about these things, and am so grateful for the welcoming and friendly community on their discord.

        Paul Nguyen
        Very impressed

        The premium feel of the all metal build is outstanding. It has such a good weighty feel, that I can imagine a real fighter jet controls might feel. Triggers have a satisfying action, which are also metal. the buttons and hats have a satisfying click to it - no plasticky feel, again feels premium. I'm extremely happy with my purchase

        Eric Williams

        Gunfighter Mk.III Modern Combat Edition Ultimate with Twist

        Thank you very much for the 5 star rating, Eric.

        It is much appreciated!

        Cheers, VKB Support team

        Roger Scott
        It realy is top tier

        Solid, smooth, more buttons. MCG grip is pretty wow.
        If they had mcg grip on nxt evo then wow.
        So I went from a t1600m with twcs.
        It was such a huge upgrade my brain found it hard to get used to the options and qualities, took me about a week of solid use to start to fully appreciate it. LED options, different button hat joy options.
        Its awesome.

        Hi roger,

        We thank you very much for the positive review and comments.
        You have chosen an awesome controller and we trust it will serve you well for a very long time.

        Happy flying!

        Cheers, VKB Support team