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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 17 reviews
        Philip Wicks
        Gunfighter Mk3 SCGm

        A very robust-feeling piece of equipment, as you would expect at this price point. The grip is plastic but fist well in my medium sized hands. There are plentiful buttons/ hats and the button layout is very usable.

        The joystick X and Y axis feels solid. It is tight compared to the mid level joystick that I was using. This can apparently be adjusted up or down. It gives precise and accurate control of these axes, with good centring. The joystick doesn’t seem to be self-calibrating and I have found the centre point drifting at times. This is corrected by a calibration.

        Anton Boski
        For Space simming

        I bought the left side Gunfighter Mk.III ‘Space Combat Edition’ Premium, along with the omni adapter specifically to play space sims; to replace my Warthog Throttle. I believe this is a more fluid, relaxed, and ergonomic set up using VKB space stick with the omni adapter. Its been great!

        madkiwi gaming
        Gunfighter space combat L/H

        Absolutely love this joystick. Upgrading from nxt premium was a good decision for me and my budget. The fine tuning of the gunfighter base is amazing. Docking a ship has never been so smooth and using the gunfighter bases precision allows easy movements of those big ships in star citizen.Would love to see a L/H version of the gunfighter mk.III modern combat ultimate with twist for us space enthusiasts.

        John Griffin
        After 1 month using VKB Gunfighter mk3 Kosmosima...

        I've been using this joystick quite a bit for about 1 month in Elite Dangerous, having previously used a Thrustmaster T16000 for the prior 2 years. I have tried out a few different combinations of cams/springs. Excellent video tutorials showing disassembly are easily found on youtube, making that aspect a breeze. Customizable springs/cams configurability is a truly brilliant capability for end users. The immense number of buttons is also brilliant. Unfortunately, the hat button is not centred to the joystick thumb buttons area, so whenever I use the left-of-center hat switch, it feels unintuitive with undesirable input (ie: when pulling the hat downwards with my thumb, my thumb's angular input actually moves it diagonally down-right instead, since the hat is off-center, so I must compensate for this angle whenever using the hat, which is imprecise and annoying). The upper trigger for the index finger also stopped functioning after only 3 weeks of use. Upon opening the joystick up, I observed that the plastic arm for that index-finger trigger is supposed to reach and press against an internal button, but the plastic arm had bent slightly from a few hundred uses that it was now no longer reaching the internal button whenever the trigger was being pulled. This is shoddy trigger piece design that should be improved, as that thin plastic arm on the index-finger trigger piece simply isn't strong enough to last more than a few weeks' use. Aside from these 2 downsides, I am still inclined to rate this joystick 4.5 stars out of 5, as the customizable gimbal (cams/springs) makes precision aiming accuracy in something like Elite Dangerous a real game changer. I love soft-space cam + softest 10 spring for roll. For pitch I tried soft-space cam + soft 10 spring but aiming was awful due to extreme pitch sensitivity; then I tried hard-space cam + moderate 20 spring for pitch which was slightly better; finally I tried avia-soft cam + very hard 40 spring which I find is ideal for the best precision aiming experience, and may even add a second hard 40 spring to pitch soon. I also wish I could relocate the hat switch to the centre of the thumb area of the joystick to improve hat switch usage.

        Hi John,

        We thank you very much for your detailed review and acknowledge your thoughts and comments.
        We are sure your feedback is very valuable to simmers who may not familiar with the VKB products yet.

        Regards, VKB Support team

        ADRIAN LIU

        Gunfighter Mk.III ‘Space Combat Edition’ Premium (right or left-handed)

        Thanks very much for the 5 star rating Adrian.

        Cheers, VKB Support team