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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Bruce Mackay

        Smooth and precise. Not a lot of buttons on this version, but with the VKB Throttle, no problem.

        Brenton Bradshaw
        My WW2 system.

        When delivered my system worked but was not what I wanted because I ordered the gunfighter WW11 joystick and a GNX WW11 Throttle. The reason I ordered the Gunfighter was because I wanted to center mount my joystick and use the 200mm extension. The problem with this is it only gave me 2 x axis, so I subsequently ordered another THQ athis solved all these issues, also as I use VR exclusively it gave great spacing to my axis. The only issue with this setup in VR is because you feel for the unit you tend to move the unit accidentally. I will drill a couple of holes in the GNX MFH crossbar to secure it.The Gunfighter WW11 joystick is the most delightful joystick I have ever used. The onnly worry I have with it is that the electrical connector faces forward and I knock it getting into my cockpit. This could easily be fixed by having more holes drilled in the 200mm Extension so the connectors could be rotated then of course reversing the axis action. Despite what is said on your website every module required firmware updating. This went well for the gunfighter but crashed for the throttle assembly. It took a fair bit of searching of the support pages to find issue with conflicting software. It was easy to fix but should have had a very clear warning at the start of the procedure. The modular concept and driverless system is absolutely brilliant and the very different feel to each knob and switch is great for VR. I certainly would recommend this system to any of my flight simulator friends. Brenton

        Hi Brenton,

        We thank you very much for your detailed review and explanations. This is really worthwhile for any simmer who is interested in WWII simulations.
        We appreciate your suggestions and will pass them on to the development and engineering team.

        Happy flying!

        Cheers, VKB Support team

        Mark Vukotich
        Gunfighter MKIII

        Best stick I've ever owned. Looks good, feels good and is extremely precise. Yes the manuals are hard to follow at first, but if you take the time to dive deep it all makes sense. Third product that I've bought from VKB because their stuff just works and if it doesn't their customer service is exceptional. I'll be buying the VKB pedals next!

        Hi Mark,

        We really appreciate your positive feedback.
        Thank you for the encouraging comment about customer service. Being based in Australia we are able to address customer enquiries quickly and efficiently.

        Cheers, VKB Support team

        Jason Biles
        Fantastic Purchase

        This was my second purchase of a joystick, and I can tell you VKB sets it apart from your general joystick setup. Full bearings and every thing. The instructions could be a little better and more user friendly but once you actually work the thing you won’t look much further than these types of joystick. Worth the money.

        Hi Jason,

        Thank you for the positive review and posting the video. This is very useful to simers who are not familiar with the WWII KG12 grip on a Gunfighter base.

        Happy flying!

        Cheers, VKB Support team

        James Cowling
        Gunfighter III with KG-12 Grip

        I've been after a KG-12 for my warbirds for ages. The grip is nice and fits in the hand well. It has a small amount of twist adjustment to fit comfortably in a centre mount position. I grabbed this to augment my Warthog and will move the old one to a side mount position. The grip is nice and simple but does it's job perfectly and is a great stick for the WW2 birds. Would love a metal version for authenticity.

        Best base I've ever used. Smooth, adjustable, precise. No comparison to the Warthog - it's absolutely superb. I bought a 20cm extension as well and I've still got the standard springs as the KG12 is a light grip but will try out the 50's when I eventually get an F-18 adaptor for my TM grip.

        Zero hassles, everything was packaged well and shipped when all the bits turned up. Heaps of communication from the seller (Luke) to advise the order status and update on shipping as the particular grip I wanted wasn't in stock in Aus. Looking forward to grabbing a Kosmosima or MC Ultimate down the track.

        Hi James,

        Thank you so much for the awesome review and the photos!
        We really appreciate your positive comments about the product and the service you have received from us.

        For anyone else interested in the warbirds, we have a limited number of WWII grips plus Gunfighter base in stock. First in best dressed!

        Regards, VKB Australia team