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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 3 reviews
        MCG Ultimate

        I upgraded from MCG Pro to Ultimate. The metal construction feels good. The buttons are firmer, triggers are heavier, in a good way. Feels solid.
        The weight increase is significant and with a 200mm extension you'll probably want heavier springs.
        I used GATE CONT as a hat, so being able to physically replace it with an actual HAT is great.
        All up, a very nice upgrade but not essential considering the expense.

        ADRIAN LIU

        Gunfighter Stand-alone Grips without base

        Hi Adrian,

        Thank you for the 5 star rating of the Gunfighter grip.

        VKB Support team

        Ted Waetford
        KG12 New

        I own an MCG and the original KG12. I was always a fan of the original KG12 simply because the trigger felt so good. However it lacked buttons for general use. The new KG12 feels much better with the new grip, and the extra lever&button makes it usable for a wider range of aircraft. It is now my go-to stick. The trigger doesn't quite have the click of the old KG12, but it is still far-and-away better than the trigger on the MCG. Very happy with the new KG12

        Hi Ted,

        Thank you very much for your review and great comments that we believe are very useful to other simmers.

        Cheers, VKB Support team