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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 46 reviews
        Andrew Cowell
        Excellent pedals

        As soon as I put these on the floor and placed my feet on them I knew I had made a good decision. All metal and beautifully designed and manufactured. I fly helicopters almost exclusively so I don’t miss toe brakes. They are very modest in size and weight so very easy to push aside with your feet when not in use. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

        Yu Choi
        This is Amazing

        Just FK good, especially for helo.

        Michael Frear
        worth the money hands down

        bought these rudders going of the little reveiws to watch out there, wasnt surprised when they got sent from auz to nz that they were just better than i was expecting! stick ya turtle beach plastic rubbish and get these, smoooth, accurate, feel nice, fast shipping, tracking number provided, if in nz its a breeze to deal with them, shout out to there fbook messenger as they actually checked stock levels for me through that!

        Paul Nguyen
        Love it

        The all metal build feels nice. Coming from a plastic Logitech, its night and day how good this feels, and I would say these pedals beat most out there. So for the price, they become top tier.

        The question about not having toe brakes is a non issue, but I guess that depends on what you fly most. I personally dont think no toe brakes handicaps me at all, i use the brakes trigger on the Gunfighter joystick. The only thing I wish was possible, is to increase the throw. These pedals are very compact with a short throw, so it can feel sensitive at first, but you get used to it quickly. I've heard people say you should use shoes with these pedals, not barefoot. I'm not sure what they are basing that one, but I use it barefoot/socks with no problem. Highly recommend, I dont think I will need another set for a very long time

        Thomas Rolles
        First-timer's 'Real' Flight Sim Gear

        After barely getting into flight sim with the old Saitek X52 way back in 2015 (I know, nearly 10 years now) and debating on buying a Thrustmaster Warthog for for years and years, I pulled the trigger and I went with a WinWing Orion 2 HOTAS for that 'better than Warthog' experience. Now to get good quality pedals, or a twist Z Axis? Clearly this review should tell you what to buy, the VKB T-Rudder pedals are fantastic, built solid and have enough options to satisfy people who like configuring their kit (plus easy replacement of parts, they're all the same nuts, and some different bolts. Not to mention, you can easily put in your own detent/damper plate to change the pedal feel). Easy to adjust, assemble, and best of all relatively affordable higher end kit compared to other products. A lack of a toe-brake isn't an issue if you only use it once in a blue moon anyway, or are deep into space-sim with Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous. They are configurable with 2 spring tensions settings (by physically moving the anchor where the spring connects to) and 2 clutch/detent options, one with and without a detent for a smoother feeling. I moved mine to the hard tension and kept it on the default detent/clutch position (which can just be removed and turned around if you want something without a noticable detent in the pedal movement).

        Overall, worth the money, fast shipping and built to last. The software could really use a few hours of work with user-friendliness tweaks with the GUI as a blatant form of telling the user what to at certain steps do as there isn't any clear indication on what to do, e.g when calibrating the pedals, as some other flight sim products have a specific way to calibrate them (e.g, WinWing Orion 2 joystick), the documentation does not suffice I am afraid but once calibrated it will more or less never need to be touched unless there are firmware updates.