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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 83 reviews
        Jason Thompson
        Very impressed.

        Ordered my sticks and received them in 3 working days. Easy to put together and feel great in the hand. Quality solid product. Totally recommend VKB and the Gladiator Evo Series.

        David Krisohos
        Gladiator evo

        Great upgrade from the t1600, sticks are smooth and well built.
        Good packaging and fast post.

        Jack Hartley
        I swear this is the best Hotas ever!

        I tried to buy a X56 in the past and it failed immediately so I looked at this instead and I love it. The sensors don’t wear out as easy overtime like other Hotas and you can swap basically anything out! Easy to assemble and I love all the buttons and adjustable tension. I highly recommend this for all flight/space sims.

        Kade Bamford

        While for me it was quite an investment to get this stick, I am 100% glad I did not go with the competition. These guys really kick things up a notch. Furthermore, in regards to VKB-SIM Australia they were very quick to send the stick so no complaints there. Thank you :)

        Great product let a little down by lacking of instructions

        I got the Gladiator EVO 'Space Combat Edition' Premium and it's been a slow burn for me.
        The factory springs are too over powering and you will find your tendons in your forearms being tested after a few hours of use.
        The instructions don't really do stick justice, I have all these spare parts that I don't know what to do with.
        I had to Google to find out about the springs, which are the 10s, the dry clutch was from some YT videos.
        The products deserve better information than what is currently available.
        The quality of the product is great, but the lacking of information makes me wonder if I have not set up the stick optimally.
        Please make the users aware of all spares included and what their purpose is.

        Otherwise I am really impressed with the stick, zero drift, easy to hold minimal movements and great for dog fighting whilst being able to use in MSFS.