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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 23 reviews
        Brilliant Stick

        Another superb purchase from the team at VKB AU!
        Came with #20 installed so also added #40 as it was a bit soft for my taste. Great feel and very precise. I locked off the twist as I already have T-Rudder MkIVs and also replaced the swappable mini sticks out for hats, which was incredibly easy!

        Hi GK,

        Congratulations on purchasing the Gunfighter MCG Ultimate and we thank you for your great review.
        The Gunfighter MCG Ultimate is the most premium of the VKB controllers and we are glad you like the customisation options.

        Regards, VKB Support team

        Joshua Coulston
        Very pleased with this

        I'm really enjoying my time with this joystick, It feels extremely precise and has all the inputs I could ever want and I love the premium feel of the ultimate edition.

        I do feel that particularly for a product of the price it should come with a proper user manual as I have had to a bit of additional research to get it set up exactly the way I wanted it

        Thank you very much for your feedback Joshua.

        The Gunfighter MCG Ultimate is the flagship in the VKB controller range.
        With regards to the manuals, we are trying to keep printed material to a minimum and therefore provide digital documentation. However, please contact us if you require any support.

        Regards, VKB Support team

        Eamon Burke
        Great grip, mediocre base and software

        The grip feels and works fantastically and I’m very glad I got it. The flip trigger was as big plus along with the full metal construction.
        I got this base for the use of clutch and centerless cams. Only upon use found this to be an impossibility without increasing dead zone (centerless cams and clutch cannot be used in combination due to the stick not fully returning to centre) which makes the stick feel less accurate.
        From arrival I had issue with one of the axis Cams which had a spring washer between two mating surfaces that was causing sticking during range of motion. I replaced this with a machined washer that has fixed this issue. I assume this was an assembly error that could have been avoided through better design. Assembly also required special attention to bolt pretension which again could have been designed better.
        I have also not enjoyed the method of spring removal as it feels very finicky. Other brands have more appropriate methods of spring assembly. Currently I have a clicking sounds coming from a spring as I move through the axis which I assume is do my own incorrect attachment of the second spring.
        Overall I found the software not as intuitive as others on the market and lacking in instructions.

        Thank you for the review and feedback, Eamon.

        We are more than happy to assist with any setup issues and questions. You can either email or if you want to talk to a VKB technician, please join the Discord server 'HOTAS/HOSAS/SIMPIT' at

        We are here to help!

        Regards, VKB Support team

        Fantastic joystick

        Very solid joystick, with very premium feeling hats, buttons, trigger and analogue sticks. Twist is a bit stiff for my liking, some way to adjust this in the future would be great. Recommend

        Thanks very much for the 5 star rating and the positive comments about the Gunfighter MCG Ultimate, Jordan.

        The stiffness of the twist will ease over time as the damper grease will settle down.

        Cheers, VKB Support team

        Quality panel

        I recently bought the autopilot panel with my gunfighter ultimate stick and both products are amazing the panel works great looks great and has a great quality feel. I minor thing worth noting is if using it stand alone usb you need to buy the USB adapter pcb, as an experienced technician this was no issue but may be tricky/confusing to some. Just double check before you order the Vkb team have been prompt and easy to deal with.

        Thanks very much for the positive review, Michael.

        It's great you are pointing out the need for the USB Controller. When we receive customer orders we always double check whether the USB Controller is required or not, and if missing from the order, we advise customers accordingly.

        Happy flying!

        VKB Support team