Simulator Control Panel

The Gladiator GNX Stand-alone modules & Accessories add a new level of realism to any serious flight and space sim cockpit.

Items include:

  • WWII Throttle Combo
  • Throttle Quadrant (GNX-THQ)
  • Throttle Quadrant Vertical (GNX-THQ-V)
  • Side Extension Module (THQ-SEM)
  • Side Extension Module Vertical (THQ-SEM-V)
  • Front Switchboard Module - General Aviation (FSM-GA)
  • WWII Throttle Grip for THQ
  • Multi-Functional Holder
  • USB Controller

The modules are highly configurable and your cockpit may be fitted with any combination of modules by way of mixing and matching any number of extension modules in any way that suits your personal needs.

Receive a 10% discount on all GNX modules and accessories (WWII Throttle, SEM, SEM-V, THQ, THQ-V, FSM-GA, WWII Throttle Grip for THQ, USB Controller, Multi-function holder) when you order any combination of 2 of the same or different GNX modules.

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