Gladiator EVO Omni Throttle

Rs. 17,200.00
Rs. 17,200.00

Gladiator EVO Omni Throttle

The EVO Omnidirectional Throttle is based on the Gladiator EVO series of joysticks. It ships with a Gladiator EVO base, choice of SCG Premium Left or Right Grip, and a preinstalled Omni Throttle Adapter (OTA). Gladiator EVO is compatible and retro-compatible across the whole GNX lineup.

For a detailed product description and to find out what's new about the EVO compared to the superseded NXT controllers, please click here.

Gladiator EVO Omni Throttle specs


  • 1 GNX SCG Premium Grip (Left or Right) with pre-installed Omni Throttle Adaptor (OTA)
  • 1 GNX EVO Base

GNX SCG Premium Grip

  • Compact grip design - perfect for tabletop joysticks
  • Lockable Twist (Z-axis) with contactless MaRS sensor
  • 1 Dual Action Trigger
  • 1 Rapid Fire Trigger
  • 3 Hat switches with centre push (4-way)
  • 3 buttons
  • 1 analog mini stick with center push (8-way)
  • Programmable red colour LED
  • 2 interchangeable palm rests (total 3 palm-size adjustments)
  • Programmable RGB LED
  • Extra button module for C1 position
  • Extra hat switch module for A1 position
  • Trigger cover


  • 2 Contactless MaRS sensors on X and Y axes
  • 1 Auto-centreing 3-position switch
  • 1 Throttle wheel
  • 1 Rotary encoder
  • 3 buttons
  • Gimbal with ball bearings
  • Adjustable dry clutches for user-tunable load
  • 2 Programmable single-colour LEDs
  • Tabletop base steel plate
  • Operating manual
  • Set of soft springs
  • Set of strong springs
  • Spring extractor tool
  • Set of screws
  • Screwdriver
  • USB cable (180cm/70inch)
  • Cable holder tool

    General Specifications

    • Base & Grip made from industrial grade ABS
    • Gimbal made from glass-fiber-reinforced PA
    • Tabletop base plate made from steel
    • 32-bit ARM Controllers inside base and grip
    • ALPS buttons (Japan OEM) for extended longevity
    • Contactless MaRS sensors with High Resolution
    • Plug & Play with Driver-Free Installation (Recommended for Most Users)
    • Firmware Upgrade via USB
    • Onboard Memory for Storing Profiles
    • Optional Programming Software Available (For Advanced Users)

    Gladiator EVO base


    • 1 Year

    Compatible with



    Please visit the Downloads section for the latest firmware and tools.

    EVO Product line

    Gladiator EVO product line


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 69 reviews
    Laurence Laurence Proctor
    Pure brilliance!

    This is hands down the best supporting joystick (which can be converted back to a joystick) I've ever purchased! The quality, the customisation, and the feel of it is second to none!
    Best value ever, best quality, and just perfect for any fight game!
    100% satisfaction!

    mahew irwin
    Great for throttle side

    The sticks customisation and ergonomics are unreal. I found that changing the springs and the dampeners allowed me to creat the perfect feel for my own preference.

    Cannot fault the value for money with these sticks!

    Alan Campbell
    Gladiator EVO Omni Throttle

    Arrived in good condition. Packed in two boxes which was great. Quality appears excellent. Easy to put together. Bit of a learning curve trying to get the sensitivity and smoothness, but will get there. All in all a great product.


    This has to be the best middle ground option I've come across for wanting a helicopter collective and a jet throttle in one.

    Plug and play, with a little extra Oomph in the design with adjustable springs, lockable axis' and did I mention CLUTCH DAMPENING?!

    Great quality product, easy to use and maintain, instructions are super clear, and it didn't cost me a kidney.

    This was my second sim product from VKB, and it's definitely not my last. Cheaper available products don't hold a candle to it, and the competitors' price points are way higher. I 100% recommend this for those starting out with a sim pit build or just like flying choppers and/or space craft.

    Very happy customer, will be returning for more.

    Reece H.
    Thoroughly excellent

    I'm really enjoying using my VKB Gladiator EVOs. I've got Omni left and premium right. I use these for Star Citizen and its fantastic. Check out Subliminal or BuzzKiller on Youtube for Bindings etc . Great job VKB! I'm really happy with your products and I will definitely recommend them to all

    Hi Reece!
    Thank you for your kind words and for choosing VKB Gladiator EVO Omni Throttle. We are thrilled to hear that you are enjoying using our product for Star Citizen. We appreciate your recommendation and hope to continue providing you with excellent products. Happy gaming! - The VKB Team