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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 37 reviews
        Umar Jafni
        Omni throttle

        Very well done, no issue. Easy to put on

        Thank you very much, Umar, for your positive feedback and the 5 star rating.

        Regards, VKB Support team

        Carter Snowden
        Endless Flexibility, exceptional quality

        I have bought the EVO Omni-throttle and the Premium EVO Space Combat stick, and am gobsmacked by the quality for the price. Up to this point in time I have been trying HOTAS from large conglomerates such as Thurstmaster and Logitech, Honeycomb, etc. There is no comparison in quality, these are streets ahead even those larger companies premium offerings, so if you are on the fence, VKB is the way to go.

        To cover the stick and base in general first, everything feels solid, has excellent resistance, and the buttons feel perfect. Clicky, and not at all spongey. I have especially two Premium Space Combat sticks, and there are so many buttons I can cover everything I want to do in Space Sim games and mostly everything in Flight Sims. One of the best features of the package is the base, as it allows for so much customisability. For instance, in Space Sims, I want the throttle to have X,Y and Z axis and return to centre when I let go, but in Flight Sim, I only want the throttle to move up and down. With this kit in only a few minutes you can modify your throttle to do any of the above. You can remove all centring all together and make a helicopter stick! You can force no movement on certain axis'. What I love, is you can make this stick match and work for almost any game you are playing.

        Regarding the Onmi Throttle itself, I honestly wish I had two of them. They are so comfy to hold, and no functionality is lost by using them. For me, it just feels like a more ergonomic Premium Space Combat EVO Gladiator. What is great about this system is it is completely modular, meaning I can just buy the Omni-Throttle attachment and make my flight stick an Omni-Throttle if I wanted. Additionally with the different Stick heads you can buy you can mix and match to your hearts content. I will definitely be buying the F14 stick to add to my collection!

        I highly recommend the VKB EVO system. If you are on the fence about another HOTAS, I seriously cannot recommend this one enough. For the price, what you are getting here is night and day from the rest of the competition. The only vaguely negative thing I can think about is that because of their custom base they have a proprietary mounting system for their sticks, as opposed to the more 'universal' mounting system of other manufactures. Honestly though, once you try these bases and sticks it won't matter. You won't feel the need to use older sticks.

        Hi Carter,

        Wow, what a great review! Thank you so much.
        This is incredibly useful information for other simmers as well, especially the ones who may not have used VKB previously.

        Happy flying and thank you for your support for VKB!

        Regards, VKB Support team

        Bernard Hollis

        Gladiator EVO Omni Throttle

        Thank you, Bernard, for the 5 star rating.

        Regards, VKB Support team

        GLADIATOR EVO Throttle OTA for DCS

        Mainly bought the left NXT Evo w/OTA for a throttle solution for DCS, and can6just say O..M..G it has exponentially improved my combat efficiency.
        The dry clutch system is working flawlessly, the combination of key binds and axis is amazing. Even with the A-10C II i still have spare button binds available.

        I have reccomended to all my friends. And even considering doing a YouTube review because I havent seen anyone use the Left OTA as a Throttle, more people need to know how good this it. 10/10

        Hi Rob,

        We thank you for the great review and are very happy that you like the EVO Omni Throttle.
        Please let us know if you make a video as we would like to have a look at it too. Maybe we can even post it on our website?

        Regards, VKB Support team

        Russ Jacob
        Gladiator NXT & Omni throttle

        After 3 years of trouble free use of the X56 it was starting to show signs of wear, I decided to go for the Gladiator NXT stick and Omni throttle,.
        I am very satisfied with both and would'nt hesitate to recommend them for anyone that is looking to move up to a professional setup, or just spend the money and get a quality setup from the start.
        I find the config software a bit hard to use as a beginner, VKB could do some more work on the manual rather than assuming the user has the background knowledge to use it.
        All in all I would give VKB 10 out of 10 for the product.

        Thank you very much, Russ, for your positive review.

        We are very pleased you like the EVO Omni Throttle.
        Please do not hesitate to reach out to the VKB community and VKB techs at the official VKB Discord forum:
        This is a great place to connect with like-minded simmers.

        Cheers, VKB Support team