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Life changing

This thing is perfect in every conceivable way. I'm someone who likes to tinker and so I opened this up within minutes of receiving it. I have never seen such a well designed stick, it's clearly meant to be maintained.

This is an expensive item but it's one that will last you a long time. I have great confidence with all aspects of the stick and vkb support are known to be good to their customers.

The stick itself moves with a delightful smoothness that requires ZERO deadzone and makes you feel truely in control of your jet. The hats and buttons on the stick are also clickly and responsive, there is no need to worry if a press has actually registered, you can feel it.

Can't recommend it enough, an expensive purchase, but one that will last I feel.

A damn good throttle, but make sure to check the included extras.

Fantastic throttle, a smoother throw than anything I've touched before. Everything on this is perfect and premium. I only have 2 gripes, the TEC hat is really pointy if possible I recommend printing your own. I also like to use the z axis (thumbwheeel knob) to zoom and the hat it comes with isn't ideal for this, there is also a 3d printed alternative with a big knob on it that works great.

Other than that I'd recommend looking into mounts, if you want it to stay put you need to tension it quite a bit and it's liable to lift off your desk if you do so. It's manageable but something to consider.

The mini+ also only comes with one hat switch which some may find limiting. I really like this form factor but you should consider getting the hat accessories pack when you order it.

I love this thing and can't recommend it enough, my criticisms come from using it regularly and finding the smallest pain points for me.

extremely satisfied

I have found the specs very easy to use and reliable. I had a bit of trouble connecting to my pc but I sent an email to VKB about 7 pm and to my surprise within 15 minutes they contacted me and I was shown the way to do it with a couple of emails, this is by far the best follow up you could get.


Works perfectly, love the set with MSFS so easy.

SUPERB PACKAGING..Unboxing was a treat..

Good product, well worth the spend

Everyone I spoke to recommended VKB. They weren't wrong.

The product feels solid and reliable in the hand.

The only negative I can say is that the software requires more knowledge than I have, and the instruction videos on Youtube could do with a human voiceover instead of the music.

Gladiator EVO Omni Throttle

Arrived in good condition. Packed in two boxes which was great. Quality appears excellent. Easy to put together. Bit of a learning curve trying to get the sensitivity and smoothness, but will get there. All in all a great product.

Great Premium Joystick

Build quality was top notch. Simple to customise and setup. Perfect sweet spot of price and quality. Would recommend to anyone looking to upgrade a basic flight stick.

Coming from a ThrustMaster stick, I can certainly say that the VKB stick feels a lot nicer. I initially struggled with it due to its much smaller range of movement but I'm getting better at it, and I believe you can make it less sensitive by using the stick extension attachment. I use the #20 springs and it feels surprisingly similar to a real airbus, many complain about the force required to uncentre the stick, but it seems very close to what you would expect from, again, a real airbus. The sticks adjustable dry clutch dampers are very effective and make the stick feel very smooth. While mostly made of plastic, the stick has a very heavy base plate that weighs more than the stick itself, making it feel much more expensive when lifted, this weight also sticks the grip pads to the desk. The analogue mini stick is too far away from the thumb to comfortably use for long periods of time but will work well as a budget twin stick setup none the less. Most buttons and d-pads have great placement and are easy to use for the most part, with the main exception being the centre push for the white d-pad. Most of the time when I try to use this function, I will instead get one of the other d-pad binds. The stick comes with a lockable twist axis, which I value very highly, while more difficult to use than the ThrustMaster stick, it feels a lot steadier once locked. another thing I really like about this stick is that it comes with a left-handed variant, I usually use left-handed sticks so that I can use the mouse for head look in game. My hand is quite large and fits perfectly on the stick when all grip base extension thingies are removed. There is a small button that lives where the Pinky finger sits, this button is quite irritating when not in use as it decreases grip strength considerably, I feel this button should be changed to a small lever that sits Infront of the Pinky finger. the stick has more buttons than I know what to do with, in elite dangerous I have 2 of each fire button bound on the stick, with pretty much all combat related equipment bound to a single d-pad. I even put fighter commands onto a d-pad that wasn't being used. While a very good device that has surprisingly few drawbacks, I can't recommend the it to everyone. the device is very expensive, if someone was getting their first stick, I would recommend a cheaper stick. If someone was getting into a flight sim or space game, I would recommend a cheaper stick. If somebody had been playing a flight sim or space game for a little while, I would recommend a cheaper stick. if somebody religiously played a single flight sim or space game, or multiple flight sims or space games, I would recommend nothing but this stick.

Pretty solid

Got it because my friends told my I was crazy for playing without a throttle so I gave it a try and it makes flying so much more immersive and I don’t touch my keyboard anymore other than pressing escape and some mouse only menu’s. Solid build quality, don’t have to worry about it falling apart and very tactile buttons. Software easy to use when following tutorials and setup was quick. Support super fast to help me with a question I had. Only gripe is that the side encoder which I’m using for radar elevation is a bit tricky to reach without quickly adjusting hand. The flaps for the guarded buttons can get caught in my jumper sleeve but I don’t consider it as a gripe since the work around is just moving my arm a little higher. So yeah, def worth it. Would definitely recommend to friends, already have.

This has to be the best middle ground option I've come across for wanting a helicopter collective and a jet throttle in one.

Plug and play, with a little extra Oomph in the design with adjustable springs, lockable axis' and did I mention CLUTCH DAMPENING?!

Great quality product, easy to use and maintain, instructions are super clear, and it didn't cost me a kidney.

This was my second sim product from VKB, and it's definitely not my last. Cheaper available products don't hold a candle to it, and the competitors' price points are way higher. I 100% recommend this for those starting out with a sim pit build or just like flying choppers and/or space craft.

Very happy customer, will be returning for more.

Feels great

The joystick has weight, looks good and feels robust, the movement is smooth, accurate and immersive. Found selecting and flashing the firmware a little confusing, hence the 4 stars, apart from that, great product that comes packaged with items to modify stick movement.

Amazing Quality for Price

Really amazing feeling of all the buttons and mainly the directional axis. very smooth and best of all adjustable. the only thing "missing" would be some profiles for different games. A truly amazing product with great support.

Magnificent !

I upgraded from the thrust master to this stick and can't believe how much better this one is.
It feels better, it looks better and it handles so much better.
Get one of these and never look back.

It is good with a lot of buttons to be used. Loved the swappable detent frames along with the customisation for the encoders and different detents.

Greased my stick well

I used it to grease my stick. Now my stick is stiffer, in a good way.

Hi there, thank you for leaving a review! We're glad to hear that our Nyogel 767A synthetic damping grease worked well for greasing your stick. We appreciate your feedback and are happy to know that it helped make your stick feel stiffer in a positive way. Thank you for choosing our product!

Gladiator EVO 'Space Combat Edition' Premium

Arrived in good condition. Packed in two boxes which was great. Quality appears excellent. Haven't put it together yet as I have just ordered the Gladiator EVO Omni Throttle and waiting for it to arrive before I sort them out and connect it to the PC. However the build quality gives a very good impression of the workmanship that went in to it. Great product.

Hi Alan!
Thank you for taking the time to leave such a great review for our Gladiator EVO 'Space Combat Edition' Premium. We're glad to hear that it arrived in good condition and that you're happy with the quality. We truly appreciate your support and hope you enjoy using our product. Happy gaming!


Thank you for your 5-star review of our Gladiator EVO 'Space Combat Edition' Premium! We're thrilled to hear that you are satisfied with your purchase. Happy gaming!

What an upgrade!

Coming from a x56 and playing DCS this has been a amazing upgrade. Functionality and build quality is excellent and the customization is the icing on the cake. If you are on the fence about upgrading and have the funds you will not be disappointed.

Thank you for your kind words and for choosing our STECS Throttle System! We are delighted to hear that it has been an amazing upgrade for you and that you are pleased with its functionality, build quality, and customization options. We truly appreciate your support and recommendation. Happy flying!

Glad I Purchased Both

I thought about it and researched review after review and in the end I am so glad I made this purchase. Star Citizen is my game and I had much cheaper dual sticks a few years ago which did not last 8 months. I missed having sticks. This store was awesome to buy from as well, one side of Australia to the other and my door before the end of working week. Highly recommend both these sticks and VKB Aus store.

Thrustmaster warthog

I used this to regrease my thrustmaster warthog flight stick. The difference is day and night. Smooth movement and no more unwanted over spring back.

Hi there! We are so glad to hear that our Nyogel 767A synthetic damping grease has made a positive difference in the performance of your Thrustmaster warthog flight stick. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and sharing your experience with us. Happy gaming!

Major step up from X-56

I've used (two sets) of X-56 HOTAS over the past several years. I'll admit to being a bit nervous with respect to mixing different products to make up my HOTAS. However, when I bought a Gladiator EVO Joystick to replace the failed X-56 stick I knew after the first few moments of use that VKB was the way to go. My X-56 throttle was working OK (for a bit) and the new STECS from VKB was introduced so I decided to buy the STECS. I was a bit concerned that there may not be enough buttons for Elite Dangerous in my set up, but I need not have worried at all. The new STECS looks, feels and operates to a very high standard, the HOTAS set up is so good it's beyond what I expected.
I'm now considering Rudder Pedals as the next stage.
I should also note that the communication from VKB was absolutely first class, and Australia Post and New Zealand Post did a great job in delivering my STECS Standard Throttle to me (in the deep South of South Island) in just over a week.

Hi J.P.
Thank you for your positive review! We are glad to hear that our STECS Standard Throttle has exceeded your expectations and has been a major step up from your previous X-56 setup. We take pride in delivering high-quality products and are happy to hear that you have had a great experience with our customer service. We hope you continue to enjoy using our products and we look forward to potentially helping you with your next upgrade to rudder pedals. Thank you for your support!

Superb !

I am so pleased that I decided to buy the Premium model - it simply oozes quality. Also, I was able to enjoy the challenge of setting it up and to see that it worked first time - Phew !!
Still getting used to all available settings -enough to keep me busy for a year or two .

Hi Bill,
Thank you so much for your glowing review! We are thrilled to hear that you are enjoying your Gladiator EVO 'Space Combat Edition' Premium. We take great pride in the quality of our product and are glad to hear that it met your expectations. We hope you continue to have fun exploring all the settings and features, and we are always here to assist if you need any help. Happy gaming!
Regards, VKB Team

Turned my $60 joystick into something that feels like it cost ten times that amount

This is an absolute game-changer. I tried it on one joystick in my twin-stick setup, and comparing it to the other one you'd think it was an entirely different device. The fixed one returns to centre smoothly when you let it go, and the other wobbles about like a bobblehead. The extra damping doesn't just feel better, it gives you a lot more precision, because you need a little more force to move the stick, but a lot less to hold it in place. You don't need to manage the stick's position with muscle force, it feels like it's working with you. I'm now going to try it on dials, throttles, RC controllers, everything, just to see what it's like. Even my old gamepad thumbstick feels better with this applied, and the comparison to the opposite unmodified stick is similarly dramatic. Also 10g seems like it'll last me a long time, you need very little to get a big effect.

Hi Michael,
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with Nyogel 767A synthetic damping grease. We're thrilled to hear that it has drastically improved the performance of your joystick and other devices. We hope it continues to exceed your expectations and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on using it in other applications. Happy gaming!