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        There’s no need to flash your brand new VKB device, as it comes preinstalled with a stable firmware version from the factory. For a Gunfighter, simply calibrate and fly; for a Gladiator NXT/EVO/Omni-Throttle,  please follow the Quick Start Video Guide first!

        Firmware (for all VKB Devices)

        VKB Device Firmware (v2.12.2) – 29 November 2022

        NEW! The zip file contains a list of folders sorted by device category to easily find the firmware that’s right for your device:

        • 1stGen = Legacy VKB devices, e.g. Mamba, King Cobra, etc
        • Gladiator_NXT_series = Gladiator NXT/EVO & GNX USB Modules
        • Gladiator_series = Legacy Gladiators, e.g, Gladiator K & Gladiator Mk.II
        • Gunfighter_series_T-Rudders = BlackBox-based VKB devices, such as –
          • BlackBox MK2 = Black BlackBox, e.g., Gunfighters & T-Rudders attached to the black BlackBox
          • BlackBox MK1 = Orange BlackBox, e.g., Gunfighters & T-Rudders attached to the orange BlackBox

          Configuration Apps

          How to update your controller and GNX modules to the latest firmware

          Please note this step is usually not required as all controllers are shipped with the latest firmware.
          If issues are encountered with the axes or buttons, please follow below steps to calibrate the controller.

          How to calibrate your controller's axes and buttons

          Please note this step is only required if the quick calibration as per the instructions enclosed in the box do not yield satisfactory results.
          Please ensure all steps are carefully followed in detail.
          Please do not use any other calibration software, eg. Microsoft.
          The vkbdevcfg software is available for download on this page.
          Whilst the Gladiator EVO is depicted in these instructions, the same steps apply to the Gunfighter and T-Rudder products.

          Gladiator EVO Quick Start guide:

          The calibration steps start at 5:13 minutes. 

          Testing & Troubleshooting


          Video Guides

          Software and documentation releases

          Support forum