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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Martin Stephenson
        UCM Long for Gunfighter(UCM-LGF)

        Unit is well manufactured and sturdy as well as the black finish being aesthetically pleasing. Very easy to put together if you grew up with mechano with easy to follow instructions.

        Pros - strong sturdy and adjustable with no flex what so ever. The main point being adjustability to suit your seating position. The mount was paired with the Gunfighter Mark III Modern Combat Edition Ultimate with Twist. With twist deactivated due to having pedals, the setup works excellently for both Microsoft flight sim and DCS and possibly star citizen if your that way inclined. I was impressed with the adjustability to suit your individual personal style. I was a little apprehensive about the length of the mount and was concerned about flexing etc. however the mount is a solid build and proved not to be a concern as it proved solid and sturdy even after hours of testing in DCS and Flight Sim. I opted for the 200mm extension kit thinking that it would be needed due to the length of the mount. This was an error on my part as the true seating position requires in normal flight for you to rest your forearm/elbow on your thigh for helicopters at least. If you need the mount to full extension for the less horizontally opposed of us and have a high seating position then either the 100mm or 200mm stick extensions would be required but this would be based on personal needs.

        One or two screw holes were quite tight fitting and not angled correctly so hence a couple of screws were difficult to seat properly on the space dividing plates. The one draw back with the long size mount is seating distance from the screen. If you want the fully immersed up front and in your face wow effect that you get with a large 49” curved monitor this mount tends to push the seat positioning back by about 40 - 50cm and this could be longer depending on whether you have the length of the mount out to its full extension. Thus taking away from that fully immersed feel as I run Track IR for both DCS and Flight Sim. So a fair bit of re-positioning and adjustment is needed to get exactly what you want with both length of the mount based on your seating height / positioning and position from your spacing. If your running VR though then this won’t be an issue.

        Conclusion: If you have the issue of needing the joystick positioned between your legs and true flight sim realism then this mount from VKB fully fits the bill. Completely recommended.

        ADRIAN LIU

        UCM Long for Gunfighter (UCM-L GF)

        Thanks very much, Adrian, for the positive review of the UCM-L GF.

        The UCM provide a really ergonomical solution for may hours of sim playing.

        Cheers, VKB Support team

        Muyi Guo
        all good

        love it strong and easy to use.

        Thank you very much for the positive comments, Muyi.

        It's much appreciated and we are glad you are enjoying the Universal Controller Mount (UCM).

        Cheers, VKB Support team

        Mingqian Chen
        Very strong mount

        Mount is very strong, engineering is great and no problem during assembly. Fits perfect with my MCG 3. Hope vkb can design some vertical mount in the future to save some space.
        Oh and the team shipped my order like 20min after my purchase and I received my stuff 3 days later. I don't know how they managed to do that but it was very a satisfying shopping experience.

        Hi Mingqian,

        Thank you for the very helpful description of your product experience.
        Yes, the UCMs are a very worthwhile addition!

        VKB Australia team

        Spencer Connell

        UCM Long for Gunfighter (UCM-L GF)

        Thanks very much, Spencer, for the 5 star review.

        The UCM controller mounts are an excellent addition to any VKB sim setup.

        Regards, VKB Australia team