STECS Throttle System - Max

Rs. 31,800.00
Rs. 31,800.00

STECS Throttle System - Max

Based on a solid steel platform, the STECS Max can be used as a desktop stand-alone device, or mounted to a sim rig. Includes MFH (MultiFunctional Holder) compatible fixture and one MFH to connect frontal extension modules.

For the perfect and most ergonomical desk mounting option, please see the UCM-S STECS Max (click here).


  • 1 STECS base
  • 1 MTG-L grip
  • 1 MTG-R grip
  • Red rubber grip pads (pre-installed)
    • Green and gray rubber pads included
  • 5 Detent Frames
  • 4 L-shape detent - regular
  • 4 L-shape detent - large
  • 5 V-shape detent - regular
  • 5 V-shape detent - large
  • 2 W-shape
  • 1 ATEM Module
  • 1 STEM Module (to be installed on the MFH at the front of the throttle)
  • 1 MFH
  • 1 STECS Accessory Magazine
  • 1 Phillips head screwdriver
  • 1 Hex screwdriver
  • 1 USB cable (180 cm / 6')

STECS Throttle Grips

MTG-L (Modern Throttle Grip Left)

  • 2 Buttons
  • 2 Triggers
  • 2 Wheel encoders

MTG-R (Modern Throttle Grip Right)

  • 2 Triggers
  • 1 Analog Ministick
  • 1 Analog Wheel Axis
  • Pre-configured Button Modules:
    • 2x Buttons, 1x 3-pos Hat, 2x 5-pos Hats
  • Additional Button Modules included:
    • 3x Buttons, 3x 5-pos Hats, 3x replaceable Hat caps

ATEM Module

  • 4 Buttons
  • 2 Safety lid protected button
  • 1 Multifunctional 4-position encoder with a central push button

STEM Module

  • 8 Buttons
  • 2 K-switches with central push button
  • 2 Encoder with central push button
  • 1 Self-centering 3-position flip switch
  • 1 3-position flip switch


  • 2 Analog Axes
  • 4 Ball bearings on main axes
  • 2 Buttons
  • 1 5-position rotary switch

General Specifications

  • Grips and base made from industrial-grade ABS
  • Base supported with glass-fiber-reinforced PA for load-bearing structures
  • Tabletop baseplate made from steel
  • 32-bit ARM Controllers inside the base and grip
  • ALPS buttons (Japan OEM) for extended longevity
  • Contactless MaRS sensors with High Resolution
  • Firmware Upgrade via USB
  • Onboard Memory for Storing Profiles

Video Guides



  • 1 Year



Please visit the Downloads section for the latest firmware and tools.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Value and quality

Really stoked with the product. The price I paid and what I got left a huge grin on my face. It is really well suited to DCS and combined with my f14 gladiator stick had me living out my faux Maverick ambitions

Michael Barratt

This HOTAS is a dream to use. So many options with the button swap system, software and very smooth throttle advancement. with a lot of buttons to map it has added to the immersion and ease of flying...I literally don't need to touch the keyboard for any flying now. I love this thing and would 100% recommend. It is a huge upgrade from my TM Warthog.

Hi Michael,
Thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive review for our STECS Throttle System - Max. We're thrilled to hear that you are enjoying the advanced features and smooth throttle advancement. We designed it with the goal of enhancing immersion and making flying easier, so we are delighted to know that it has exceeded your expectations. Thank you for recommending it, and we hope you continue to have an amazing experience with it! Happy flying!
VKB Customer Service Team

Amazing STECS Throttle System - Max

I have recently bought the STECS Throttle System - Max. The packaging is highly professional and the delivery was only 3 days which is Australia is impressive. I primarily play Star Citizen and the throttle is excellent for this. Easy to set up and the detent (using the W at the 50% mark) allows me to feel where the forward/reverse point is. Lots of buttons and switches to use although I am unsure if a HAT can replace the button at the MB2 position, I tried it and it didnt work. Not a big deal just the position fits a HAT.

The STEM is great and is easily adaptable for my needs.

The ATEN is good but I feel let down by the plastic safety covers for ARMED/SAFE. I keep catching my sleeve on them and as there is no spring to push them back down they then annoy me a bit. A spring for these in future would be a nice to have upgrade which I would buy.

I am hoping that at some point in the future VKB will make a panel specifically for Star Citizen players with the power triangle and some labelled butons to suit us. Until then this is a much appreciated upgrade from my X56 which was fine for what it was and how much I paid for it.

Finally I think this product is well worth the amount I paid for it and I am looking forward to many years of use.

Question. Is there anywhere that has a button map picture for me to print out so I can write down on it what each button has been assigned to. Tried the internet but theres not much out there. Maybe a way to print out from the Device Config utility with user labels a picture of the device and its config. Just a suggestion.

Dear C.A.H,
Thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed and positive review for our STECS Throttle System - Max. We are thrilled to hear that you are enjoying the product and that it has enhanced your Star Citizen gaming experience.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the plastic safety covers for ARMED/SAFE. We truly value your feedback and will definitely take it into consideration for future upgrades.
In regards to your question about a button map, unfortunately, we do not have a printed version available at this time. May we suggest that you reach out to the VKB community at Please feel free to ask as VKB community members are very helpful.
Thank you again for your support and we wish you many happy years of use with our product!
VKP Customer Service Team

Darin Phare
A long overdue upgrade - perfect for me

A full disclaimer: I exclusively (when time allows) play Elite Dangerous in VR, it's a hobby I love - and this is a non biased review from not a technically minded person.

Years back when I started playing ED i always knew I wanted to try a hotas, this is long before VR. My starter setup was an old hotas and it lasted remarkably well. However as time went by I felt the urge to spoil myself to an upgrade. It took six months of reviews, and reading to settle on a direction, Hosas or Hotas? Purely out of simple preference I decided to upgrade my throttle and decided on the VKB Max.

The main reason I chose the Max was simply because I could easily customise it to emulate the button and hat layout my fingers where muscle trained to.

Once I had done this - via the easily navigable software package, I was set to go. That's when the magic happened for me. I needed to change a hat - go to the youtube tutorial - bingo - easy. I needed to tinker with setting detents - video tutorial - bingo. Whatever I needed to the info was easily accessible - nailed it. After settling in to the new throttle and software the real benefits began to show, button choice, paddle choice, detents, comfort and feel all happened and over a week I went from the comfort of what I knew to a real game changing experience.

After moving beyond what I was so used to I really settled into this throttle and it has been a long time since I have played Elite and with a controller said 'awww yeah man - that's cool'.

TLDR: I love this thing and I can't overstate it. It is absolutely perfect for me. When I have the cash I am returning for the pedals!!! With just this one product alone I will be a repeat customer.


Hi Darin,
Thank you so much for your detailed and honest review of our STECS Throttle System - Max. We are thrilled to hear that it has been a game-changing upgrade for you, especially in your VR gaming experience with Elite Dangerous.
We pride ourselves on providing customizable options to suit each individual's preferences, and we are happy to hear that our software package was easy to navigate for you. We also appreciate your recognition of our helpful tutorial videos.
We are glad that you are satisfied with the button choice, paddle choice, detents, comfort, and feel of our throttle system. We hope that it continues to enhance your gaming sessions. And we look forward to having you as a repeat customer when you are ready to add our pedals to your setup.
Thank you for choosing STECS Throttle System - Max and for your positive feedback. Happy gaming!
Best regards,
VKB Support

Jade Andrews
Awesome throttle

Heaps of buttons, pretty well laid out, detent system is great.

Hi Jade,
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our STECS Throttle System - Max. We're glad to hear that you find it to be an awesome throttle with a well-laid out design and a great detent system. We strive to provide our customers with the best products and we're happy to know that we've met your expectations. Thank you for choosing our product and we hope to continue providing you with excellent service.
Best, Customer Service Team