STECS Throttle System - Standard

Rs. 27,200.00
Rs. 27,200.00

STECS Throttle System - Standard

Based on a solid steel platform, the STECS Standard can be used as a desktop stand-alone device, or mounted to a sim rig. Includes MFH (MultiFunctional Holder) compatible fixture to connect frontal extension modules.

Does not include GNX MFH (separate purchase).

For the perfect and most ergonomical desk mounting option, please see the UCM-S STECS Standard (click here). 


  • 1 STECS base
  • 1 MTG-L grip
  • 1 MTG-R grip
  • Red rubber grip pads (pre-installed)
    • Green and gray rubber pads included
  • 5 Detent Frames
  • 4 L-shape detent - regular
  • 4 L-shape detent - large
  • 5 V-shape detent - regular
  • 5 V-shape detent - large
  • 2 W-shape
  • 1 STEM module
  • 1 STECS Accessory Magazine
  • 1 Phillips head screwdriver
  • 1 Hex screwdriver
  • 1 USB cable (180 cm / 6')

STECS Throttle Grips

MTG-L (Modern Throttle Grip Left)

  • 2 Buttons
  • 2 Triggers
  • 2 Wheel encoders

MTG-R (Modern Throttle Grip Right)

  • 2 Triggers
  • 1 Analog Ministick
  • 1 Analog Wheel Axis
  • Pre-configured Button Modules:
    • 2x Buttons, 1x 3-pos Hat, 2x 5-pos Hats
  • Additional Button Modules included:
    • 3x Buttons, 3x 5-pos Hats, 3x replaceable Hat caps

STEM Module

  • 8 Buttons
  • 2 K-switches with central push button
  • 2 Encoder with central push button
  • 1 Self-centering 3-position flip switch
  • 1 3-position flip switch


  • 2 Analog Axes
  • 4 Ball bearings on main axes
  • 2 Buttons
  • 1 5-position rotary switch

General Specifications

  • Grips and base made from industrial-grade ABS
  • Base supported with glass-fiber-reinforced PA for load-bearing structures
  • Tabletop baseplate made from steel
  • 32-bit ARM Controllers inside the base and grip
  • ALPS buttons (Japan OEM) for extended longevity
  • Contactless MaRS sensors with High Resolution
  • Firmware Upgrade via USB
  • Onboard Memory for Storing Profiles


  • 1 Year



Please visit the Downloads section for the latest firmware and tools.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Alexander Hopwood
Fly how I want to

I recently received my Gunfighter MK4 and STECS Standard and fell in love immediately. The STECS is a solid piece of kit with heaps of buttons and sliders. I like how you can set variable detents on the throttle, and set up buttons and switches how you want them. The config software is easy to use, with heaps of YouTube vids and the official discord server for help if I got stumped. If you’re looking for a good high end throttle for your HOTAS with heaps of versatility, then look no further. I am really happy with my purchase, and I am sure you will be as well.

Great throttle top to bottom

Feels great to use and has great build quality. The interchangeable buttons and detentes are a nice addition. The software is the same as other VKB hardware which is as functional as it is unfriendly, but at least it works which is a damn sight better than some competitor’s I’ve used in the past.
The only part of it I don’t love is the lack of an analogue hat / mini joystick located under the index finger. There is one under the thumb, but your thumb’s relation to it changes as you move the throttle making your inputs inconsistent. I’d hoped to use this for space sim axes of movement that are perpendicular to the throttle, but thus far I have not been able to dial in that muscle memory. If at some point in the future VKB releases a mini joy you can swap for the digital hat in that slot this thing is would be perfect.

Thank you for your positive review of our STECS Throttle System! We are glad to hear that you are enjoying its build quality and functionality. We appreciate your feedback regarding the lack of an analogue hat/mini joystick under the index finger and will definitely take it into consideration for future product updates. Thank you for choosing our product and happy gaming!

Daniel Sutherland
Perfect throttle

I bought this to play Elite Dangerous and some other flight sim games. The throttle feels incredible to use, very accurate and smooth. Ergonomics are excellent and buttons basically everywhere you might put your fingers - which is a good thing! Hard to fault, if it made sense to play E:D with two of these I would.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive review for our STECS Throttle System. We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying the accuracy and smoothness of the throttle, as well as the excellent ergonomics and button placement. We appreciate your feedback and hope you continue to have a great experience using it for Elite Dangerous and other flight sim games. Happy flying!
Best, VKB Support

oliver gandi souw
Quality product accompanied by professional customer service

I have since made two seperate purchases through VKB. After research and majority communities praising vob for quality, entry level and durability, i decided to purchase ly first joystick with them. Not realising that the joystick was out of stock, i wrote and email frustrated that my same day express order was not sent out.

Luc kindly explained the reason and stated its shown on the website itself, which i understood and accepted

after i received my product, received excellent customer sevice it was a no brainer to continue to support vkb in purchasing my throttle, which was same day shipped!

Will be saving alooking to get the rudders to complete the set! thank you luc and vkb

Hi Oliver,
Thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive review! We are thrilled to hear that you have had a great experience with both our product and our customer service. We strive to provide top-notch quality and support, and we are so glad that we were able to assist you with your purchases. We truly appreciate your support and look forward to helping you complete your set with the rudders. Thank you for choosing VKB.

Luke Hunt

STECS Throttle System - Standard

Thank you for taking the time to review our STECS Throttle System - Standard. We're glad to hear that you are satisfied with the product. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always here to help. Thank you for choosing VKB.