UCM Short for Gladiator (UCM-S GL)

Rs. 10,800.00
Rs. 10,800.00

Universal Controller Mount (UCM) Short for Gladiator (UCM-S GL)

This stand-alone controller mount is recommended for users who wish to custom pick & choose their UCM Mounts from a list of stand-alone items. Accessories to further customize stand-alone UCM mounts can be ordered in this web store.
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Depicted Joysticks, Throttles, Phones, Tablets or other products are not included.

Compatible with

  • Gladiator Mk.I/II, Pro, -K, NXT and EVO Joysticks
  • UCM mounts support table tops up to 6.5cm (2.6inch) thick


  • 1 Year



Please be aware that for shipping purposes UCM mounts are pre-assembled to some extent to fit into the box. In order to assemble your UCM mount correctly, you would need to take them apart first, and then follow the video guides below accordingly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

An absolute superb desk mount for my vkb gladiator joystick and omni throttle. Could be improved by better manual for assembly. However not such an issue as there are more than enough youtube videos showing how to assemble.

Benjamin Gohier
Solid mounts

They are very decent mounts as you'd expect from the price. I bought two to mount my dual Gladiator NXT's and they feel great. Not super easy to change the height once built if you change your mind, but after you've gotten comfortable, the setup won't move an inch even as you throw the sticks around.

The only reason I've given it 4 stars instead of 5 is the documentation for assembly. The video is great if you're mounting the base in the video, was a little confused when trying to mount the Gladiators and considering the price, you'd think they'd include that information either in the video or in the packaging but instead, I'd had to search forums and the discord to find the info.

Hi Benjamin,

Thank you for the positive review of the UCM mount.
We acknowledge your feedback about the user manual and are working on improvements.

Regards, VKB Support team

When they said you get what you pay for, they were thinking of these!

Good looking, top quality materials, relatively easy to assemble, nearly infinitely adaptable and absolutely rock solid. Your desk will move before these do.

Hi Will,

Thank you very much for purchasing the UCM-S GL and the great product review.
We definitely trust the UCM will be a sturdy mounting solution for a long time.

Cheers, VKB Support team

Jag Nguyen
Sturdy and well designed, but confusing inclusion of parts

I really like the UCM-S GL as a mount solution for my Gladiator NXT Omni Throttle Left. The parts are made from general machined plates and extrusions which is very modular, but leaves users configuration open ended with many left over parts. I would of preferred visual drawings for assembly instructions rather than the official VKB video, since it doesn't cover how to mount the Gladiator NXT EVO base. I would also like a parts list so I know what some of the parts are for, there's some C-shaped parts that have dubious purposes, visual drawings would of made assembly faster and parts understandable.

There's no good way to breakdown the unit for storage without removing 6 or more bolts.

Hi Jag,

Thank you very much for the positive review and we are taking your comments regarding assembly instructions well into consideration to make improvements.

Regards, VKB Support team

Absolute tanks

I thought about these for probably a year before placing the order. Silly me. These things are so solid. Zero movement and very versatile.
Adjustable in multiple areas, all metal construction and they just look bad arse.

Also good for my dodgy back as I'm sitting much more upright and my arms are sitting comfortably.

A bit fiddly to assemble but nothing drastic. Once they're together they won't be coming apart unless you disassemble them. I don't think I've attached the NXT baseplate to the mount correctly though. It's solid as, but they way I've done it you don't get the full range of adjustment on one axis. There's no video on the Gladiator and UCM, only the Gunfighter so I'm not sure.

They make the whole flying experience super comfortable and add to the immersion of whatever you're flying. The cost put me off for ages but having them in my hands and using them in Star Citizen (being the cameraman for our org videoing hover bike races in an abandoned mining facility :) ) I can tell where the cost comes from and I reckon (like all my VKB gear) that the value is there for the outlay.

Thank you very much, Mark, for the awesome product review and the 5 star rating for the UCM.
We think that your detailed comments will be very useful for simmers new to the VKB brand.

Regards, VKB Support team