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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 13 reviews
        Alexander Litvinov

        Quick delivery, great staff, accurate package, happy totally

        Liam Wilson

        GNX Throttle Quadrant (GNX-THQ)

        Hi Liam,

        Thank you very much for the 5 star rating for the GNX THQ.

        Regards, VKB Support team

        Grant Fogarty

        Solid product. Very happy

        Hi Grant,

        Thank you so much for the 5 star rating of the THQ Throttle Quadrant.
        It is a very worthwhile addition to any cockpit setup.

        Cheers, VKB Support team

        Darren Eckert

        GNX Throttle Quadrant (GNX-THQ)

        Thanks very much for the 5 star rating of the THQ, Darren.

        Regards, VKB Support team

        Ideal for Propeller Aircrafts, Not so Much for Jets or Spacecrafts

        + Excellent price
        + Different options for levers lengths and heads are much appreciated.
        + Smooth dependable feel of levers.
        + The general idea of attaching the various NXT bases to create one complete table-top cockpit with one USB connection is brilliant.

        - Would have preferred switches / 4-way hats instead of buttons, even if it would cost a bit extra.
        - The store-page mentions interchangeable detents. However I could not find any detent blocks or mechanisms. Perhaps I am missing something? Ability to set up stops for in-game reverse thrust or afterburner etc would have made it more suitable space sims or DCS jets.
        - There does not seem to be a way to move some of the buttons to a different virtual device like you can do with the axes.

        Hi Paul,

        Thank you for the review of the Gladiator EVO and your comments.
        If you wish to have additional switches and hat options on the controller, please consider the Gunfighter series of controllers, notably the Gunfighter MCG Pro and MCG Ultimate.

        For any support please contact us at
        There is also an excellent support channel on Discord. The server is called 'HOTAS/HOSAS/SIMPIT'. This channel is monitored by VKB techs and they are always happy to help with any queries.

        We hope this helps.

        Regards, VKB Support team