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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 12 reviews
        colin drummond
        Good product but....

        I only have 1 complaint the product has Excellent build and function but..... I can no longer use power management to turn off my screen after a designated time frame nor does my screen saver work for the above to work I have to unplug both my joysticks and then power management and screesaver work. Any fixes?

        Hi Colin,

        Thank you very much for your product review.
        Unfortunately, the power management issue is a known problem with MS Windows. It can affect any peripherals and is not specific to VKB products.
        Please ensure your MS Windows is up to date.
        Alternatively, a cheap solution would be to install a USB switch.

        We hope this helps.

        Regards, VKB Support team

        Jack Donohue
        Durable, Precise and Easily Configurable

        Fantastically durable, calibration remains pristine after multiple falls from my desk and intense Project Wingman sessions.
        I bought the standard version but I am regretting not going for the premium, definitely worth the cost if you're looking for something to justify the extra $$$. (Or perhaps I now have a reason to buy a premium lefty and swap the thumb stick over.)
        I've heard from some that their joystick self configured itself to their games, I was not fortunate enough and it was a ~20ish minute struggle to configure everything and download 3rd party software for every game.
        Be careful if you have ginormous hands, like my fathers 14cm palm wide hands which practically ingulfed the stick like it was a crayon stuck in a bushel of bananas, causing great discomfort.
        This does not feel cheap in any way and looks fantastic, the texture and shape works perfectly for me. An amazing product. Will be buying from VKB again, far outclassing all other company's, including the Warthog which costs 4x the price but is all bells and whistles whilst only being half the quality of the GLADIATOR!!!

        Hi Jack,

        We thank you very much for your great and detailed review.
        We are very happy that you like the Gladiator EVO and it looks like you have found a controller that really meets your needs!

        Cheers, VKB Support team

        David Manson
        Better than my high expectations.

        Well worth the price, I've been reccomending these to everyone! Simple to assemble and install. Comfortable and intuitive to use, plenty of buttons. Very accurate sensors on the sticks.

        Thanks very much for your 5 star rating, David.

        We thank you for recommending the Gladiator to other simmers.

        Cheers, VKB Support team

        Arthur Clery

        Very high quality for the price compared to its competitors

        Thank you very much for your review, Arthur.

        Your comments are much appreciated and we are very glad you like the Gladiator EVO. We hear this very often from simmers that the Gladiator EVO range provides fantastic value for its price.

        VKB Support team

        Shayne Hawley
        VKB Gladiator EVO + Omni Throttle Adapter

        These sticks are amazing. Easy set-up, easy calibration and have COMPLETELY enhanced my gaming experience. Would recommend ANYONE playing Star Citizen of Elite Dangerous to make the conversion to sticks and go with VKB as an entry level. Pricey - but worth it 100%.

        Thanks very much for your review, Shayne, and we really appreciate your positive comments.
        Thank you also for sharing an image of your cockpit setup. It looks great!
        This is definitely one of the most popular controller combos so you have chosen really well.

        Regards, VKB Support team